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The excellence of "Made in Italy"

Irpac was born out of this need of change demanded from the markets to the Italian industrial and business model, and our company mainly operates at an international level in the business of building projects including a large number of kitckens. This innovative business idea takes shape through the aggregation of the best companies, sector consultants, designers and architecture firms.


Tailor-made kitchen for project

The heterogeneous composition of our group amplifies its potential, because it includes companies which are completely different in terms of products, history and markets but that are united under the common denominator of internationalization and attitude for export.

Our mission

Company's mission is to create value through the supply of customized goods and tailored services for maximum customer satisfaction and in compliance with new housing needs. Our goal is to bring innovation, research and products through aggregation and commercialization (IRPAC).

via Toscana, 32

Monsano 60030 - Ancona

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Tel:  +39.0731.605400

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