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The idea behind the project comes from thirty years
entrepreneurial experience in modular kitchen product. Its story started in 1982 with the foundation of a company manufacturing retail kitchens for the Italian market and evolved in 1994 by opening up to foreign markets both on the retail field and on a large scale working with contractors. Internationalization and diversification were due to the intuition and anticipation of a recession that would have sooner or later gripped all developed countries. The prospects and the existing companies highlighted the need of innovative structures able to face the growing international competition and to overcome the extreme rigidity of the companies that operated on the markets. Company's mission is to create value through the supply of customized goods and


tailored services for maximum customer satisfaction and in compliance with new housing needs. Our goal is to bring innovation, research and products through aggregation and commercialization.

Innovation, both concerning ideas and working method,becomes an essential necessity to be competitive and, above all, allows to establish business relationships on a different “level and value”: cultural change is certainly the biggest challenge to face in order to overcome markets competitors.

Research is the core of the project, it is our priority and what we are proud of; it allows us to develop specific projects through common strategies with partners sharing a common policy. Research of materials, suppliers, market analysis and selection of the best responsible humane resources in each sector, both within Irpac and within the companies of our supply chain, allows us to stay aligned with a constantly evolving and challenging market.

Product Irpac operates through an integrated “control room” with the aim of developing customized interior design projects in the residential sector. Our business idea aims to the creation of suitable structures for every type of project: flat pack projects have completely different needs from assembled projects as well as just-in-time project management requires a dedicated and specific organization. In this context human resources play a fundamental role in the development of the project and guarantee the common achievement of efficiency and quality of the product.

Aggregation with suppliers of semifinished and finished products has started only after testing their peculiarities on the field and having shared the same ideas about service, competitiveness and innovation. This kind of collaboration optimizes functional operations in order to build a better future together.

CommercializationOur development program keeps in strong consideration all necessities of the partners / customers and, thanks to previous experience in the sector, we have been able to develop also international joint ventures. The features of our group allow us to propose ourselves not only in the kitchen sector but also to other sectors providing a wide range of furniture, bathrooms and wardrobes all strictly made in Italy. This is our strong and distinctive culture: the culture of “Made in Italy” excellence.

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